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World’s longest and tallest glass suspension bridge opens in Hebei Province

Date: 2018.01.05 Author: Rosie Wu

China’s newest glass suspension bridge opened at the end of 2017 in Hebei Province's Hongyagu Scenic Area. The 488-meter-long bridge, over a vertical drop of 218 meters, hence becomes world’s longest and tallest glass suspension bridge.


Hongyagu glass suspension bridge is four meters wide and made of 1,077 glass panels that are four centimeters thick. Approximately 600 people can cross the bridge at a time.


The bridge marks the 2.0 era for China's glass-bottomed bridge, which created the span linking two peaks in the mountainous region of northeastern China.


The three-year construction project has given birth to several record-breaking claims, including the largest span, the greatest transparency and "the most spectacular pedestrian glass suspension bridge."