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“Wonder Lab” exhibition opens in National Museum of China

Date: 2019.01.17 Author: Celia Tang

Themed as "the beauty of Chinese and French craftsmanship", the “Wonder Lab” exhibition opens at the National Museum of China from January 11th to March 17th. The exhibition focuses on the contemporary innovation of traditional Chinese and French handicrafts, and serves as an interpretation of contemporary "craftsman spirit".


The exhibition invited 15 top French craftsmen and 11 Chinese counterparts to participate, and more than 180 pieces of artwork are showed to the visitors. The artworks are divided into 5 units and involve ceramics, straw weaving, leather and feathers, shadow play, folding fans, folding umbrellas and woodblock watermarks, among other materials and types.


The exhibition is co-organized by National Museum of China and HEART & crafts, a French company engages in promoting French handicrafts. On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and France, the exhibition will make new contributions to profound friendship and all-round corporation, according to Wang Chunfa, the curator of National Museum of China.