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What to see this winter in China – the Arshihaty Granite Forest

Date: 2018.01.09 Author: Jacqueline Li

When North China is gradually emerging in snow at the beginning of 2018, Hexigten stone forest has become a beautiful, quiet fairyland.

Located in North Hexigten Banner, Inner Mongolia, the Hexigten stones, also known as the Arshihaty Granite Forest, is a stone “forest” created by frost splitting, freezing and thawing cycles, and erosion by wind during the Quaternary glaciations.

Since North China has been gradually frozen into the land of snow, Hexigten area shows its unique and splendid winter scenery. The lush green grass have withered and the leaves of trees have fallen to earth, however, severe frost weather redecorates the ground and forests with white coat and iced flowers; Along with the strange, precipitous granites soaring to the sky, the whole area becomes a sparkling iced wonderland.

Arshihaty literally means “Steep Peaks” in Mongolian. Just as its name, the Ashihatu Granite Forest shows tourists marvelous visual feast rarely seen elsewhere.