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Tibetan nature reserve dismantled the pasture fences

Date: 2018.06.29 Author: Rosie Wu

The Qiangtang National Nature Reserve in Tibet Autonomous Region has implemented the dismantling project of the pasture fences, in order to protect the Tibetan antelopes and other rare animals in the reserve. According to the work plan, about 700 hectares of meadow in Nyima County, Nagqu city, will be made accessible to the animals after finishing the work.


The deputy head of the county forestry police, Dechen Lhundrup said, "The fences were in the core area of the reserve, which is an important habitat for Tibetan antelopes. Antelopes used to get injured on the fences. Luckily, the fences are no longer needed in the future."


Locating at an average altitude of more than 5,000 meters, the reserve covers 298,000 square kilometers. It is the pleasant home to dozens of the protected species. Qiangtang National Nature Reserve was established in 1993 as a regional nature reserve and was upgraded to a national reserve in 2000.


The estimated population of Tibetan antelopes in Qiangtang National Nature Reserve exceeds 150,000, which is up from 50,000 two decades ago. In addition, there are over 10,000 wild yaks and more than 50,000 Tibetan wild donkeys now. The sustainable growth of the protected species is due to the long-term protection measures and supervision system. Tibet will issue more effective measures to promote the ecological civilization construction in the future.