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The World’s No.1 glass bridge opened in Zhangjiajie

Date: 2016.08.22 Editor: Ivy Yang

With a height of 300 meters above the ground and a length of 430 meters, the world’s highest and longest glass bridge put into trail operation in Zhangjiajie on August 20. This bridge set 10 world’s records in construction and design.


The glass bridge is located in Grand Canyon Scenery Spot of Zhangjiajie, hanging between two steep cliffs. The bridge is 6 meters wide, paved with 99 panes of three layers transparent glasses. The bridge opens from 7 am to 5 pm, and the maximum capacity of the bridge is 600 visitors at one time. The scenic area will allow only 8,000 visitors to visit each day. This world’s longest and highest glass bridge attracts travelers from all over the world.