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The torch festival to launch in Yunnan

Date: 2017.07.04 Author: Willa Liu

The 2017 Eshan Torch Festival is expected to be held from July 7 to 25, accompanied with the 3rd China Yi Ethnic Group Flower-drum Dance and Arts Festival in Eshan Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province.


The wood drilling ceremony, part of the activities, will be launched at the Daxishen Mountain Beacon in Tadian Town on July 15. Besides, a seminar on the inheritance and protection of the Yi ethnic group’s flower-drum dance and an invitational cycling competition will be held during the festival.


Torches will be lit representing “hope”, and fires to light all torches will be carried to the center of National Unity Square in Eshan to deliver the message to everyone across the county. This is considered as the biggest celebration of Yunnan’s Yi ethnic group.