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The Southern Song Dynasty Deshou Palace Site Museum was opened in Hangzhou

Date: 2022.12.01 Author: Ji Chun

After about two years of construction, the Southern Song Dynasty(AD1127-AD1279) Deshou Palace Site Museum was opened in Hangzhou on 22 November.


Located in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, with a total land area of about 21,000 square meters and a construction area of about 12,000 square meters, the Southern Song Dynasty Deshou Palace Site Museum is a thematic museum dedicated to the protection, research, collection, display of the site itself and excavating cultural relics.


During the Southern Song Dynasty, in addition to building the imperial palace, Deshou Palace was also built in Hangzhou for Overlord's residence. Deshou Palace is located in the north of the Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Palace, which was called "Beinei" in that year, and later renamed Chonghua Palace. Both Emperor Gaozong of Song and Emperor Xiaozong of Song lived here as Overlord. Deshou Palace in its heyday was divided into four major areas and arranged the landscape of the four seasons. With more than 270 buildings and an area of no less than 110,000 square meters, it was both an important political center and a top imperial garden at the time, but gradually declined in the late Southern Song Dynasty. The site is buried 2.5 to 4 meters underground.


Since 2001, the Deshou Palace site has undergone four archaeological excavations. At the end of 2020, with the approval of the relevant departments of the state and Zhejiang Province, the construction of the Deshou Palace Site Museum began.


The Southern Song Dynasty Deshou Palace Site Museum is now divided into five exhibition areas, including the restoration and furnishings exhibition area of the main hall of Chonghua Palace and the special exhibition area of the history and culture exhibition of the Southern Song Dynasty etc. The museum also uses 3D interactive installations, digital projection, augmented reality, virtual reality and other digital means to create authenticity, immediacy and immersive viewing effects.


In this museum, visitors can admire the restored Song Dynasty palace complex, walk into the temple, appreciate the life scenes of the Southern Song court, get a close look at the current situation of the site, and systematically understand the Southern Song culture in related exhibitions.


In this museum, visitors can enjoy the restored palace buildings in the style of Song Dynasty, walk into the palace, enjoy the palace life scene of the Southern Song Dynasty, get a close understanding of the site status, and systematically understand the Southern Song culture in relevant exhibitions.