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The porcelain ware exhibition opened in Palace Museum

Date: 2018.11.13 Author: Celia Tang

The Palace Museum is displaying an exhibition of the porcelain ware of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The porcelain during the Ming Dynasty is considered as the best in Chinese ceramic-making. This exhibition is opened for public from November 6th and will run until February 22nd.


The exhibition titled Imperial Ceramics and Porcelain of the Great Ming: Comparison of Excavated and Extant Ceramic Pieces from Jiajing (1522-66), Longqing (1567-72) and Wanli (1573-1620) Reigns, is the sixth and final edition in a series of similar displays over the past three years.


The 298 items on the exhibition were from former palace's royal collections and archaeological discoveries from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, which give visitors a panoramic view of the styles of porcelain ware created over the course of a century and also portray a general picture of changes in society during imperial times.


In 1369, a year after the start of Ming rule, a porcelain kiln was set up in Jingdezhen, which exclusively served the royals. Later the city would be dubbed the "ceramic capital of China". The exhibition can tell the vivid stories behind the cultural relics and can also demonstrate the relics’ association with society.