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The nursing room and the play area will be set in The Palace Museum

Date: 2018.05.09 Author: Celia Tang

This summer, the Palace Museum will open its first nursing room for mothers. Located in the Qianqingmen Plaza, the nursing room is set near the Longzong Gate, where is easy to be found. At the same time, a play area for children and their parents to rest, will also be open soon. The play area is behind the Qianqingmen Plaza.


Visitors usually spend a long time visiting the Palace Museum. For visitors carrying babies, it’s not convenient to breastfeed their babies when the children get hungry. So the plan to build the nursing room is a good choice. Also, the nursing rooms are independent from each other, parents and babies can have their private time. “More nursing rooms should be set in the museums,” Shan Jixiang, the curator of the Palace Museum, said


During the visit in the Palace Museum, most people will feel tired after walking for a long time. The play area can provide convenience for visitors to rest. There is a backyard behind the Qianqingmen Plaza, according to the work plan, the play area will be made there. Flowers, grass, and some amusement facilities will be built too. After putting into use, children can have some snacks and play a while in the play area when their parents rest.


Now the nursing rooms and the play area are still under construction. These spaces will cover hundred square meters altogether. As the most popular attraction in Beijing, China, the Palace Museum is continually providing visitors from all over the world with more comfort and high-quality service.