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The Forbidden City to develop its exhibition layout

Date: 2016.09.08 Editor: Ivy Yang

Exhibition layout of the Forbidden City (Palace Museum) in Beijing is well-prepared to be transformed over the next four years. The change will be the largest alteration on exhibits in the museum’s history.


The most recent program is that the western pathway from Duanhong Bridge to the icehouse will be opened on September 29. Later, the royal icehouse, Imperial Kitchen (Yu Shan Fang), and Yuqing Gong, where the crown prince lived, will open in sequence. The National Day holiday (October 1 - 7) is coming, and larger selection of tour routes will be provided to visitors.


Furthermore, few more great programs that will be launched later are deserved to be anticipated. "Cultural relic hospital", as the cultural relic restoration room, will open before the end of this year. Tourists can observe the process of cultural relic repair, since the clear record and report are provided. Moreover, six palaces at the backyard of the Forbidden City are preparing for more display. The opening section of city wall is also likely to be increased.