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The first glass observation deck opens in Tibet

Date: 2019.09.12 Author: Celia Tang

The first glass observation deck in Tibet opens at Pelri Mountain, one of the visiting site in the Yani Wetland Tourism Zone in Nyingchi city in the eastern part of Tibet.


Pelri Mountain is the axis of the Yani Wetland Tourism Zone, where the city's Nyangchu River meets the Yarlung Zangpo River. The beautiful sceneries along the vast riverbank are very famous. Pelri Mountain or the Pelgyal Neri in the Tibetan language, is a pilgrimage destination for many who practice the Tibetan Bon religion. Stand on the glass observation deck, tourists can observe the beautiful sceneries of the rivers and glass path, to further feel the beauty of the nature.


The Yani Wetland Scenic Area will continue to have upgraded work in the future. The Tibetan Buddhism style, the plateau leisure will be the highlight of the tourism in Tibet. A comprehensive tourist attraction with Niyang River boat tour, food tasting, leisure relax and rafting will be built soon.