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The 4th Shanghai Lavender Festival opens

Date: 2020.06.03 Author: Celia Tang

The 4th Shanghai Lavender Festival opens at the Shanghai Lavender Park on May 19. This year, the festival has implemented the reservation and limitation policy, with the maximum number of 12,000 people entering into the park every day. People are required to make an appointment before entering the park online. The reservation information, valid ID card and body temperature measurement are required for entering.


This year's Shanghai Lavender Festival will present seven highlights for people, including the flower field camping, themed experience, parenting interaction activities, summer food market, online city micro-travel, international shopping and superstar public welfare. It has provided a flower banquet integrating "parent-child, fashion, and art". The large leisure lawn in the park opens the camping field for the first time this year.


During the Shanghai Lavender Festival, a series of activities such as Olympic Fitness Week, Han Chinese Costume Experience Week, and Southern French Custom Week will also be held to meet the leisure needs of different people. The festival also has the branch venue for the first time in Shanghai Yioulai Outlet to have more wonderful activities, so that people can enjoy the French romance without leaving "Shanghai".