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New museum building opens at China's Shang Dynasty capital archaeological site

Date: 2024.02.26 Author: Rosie Wu

A new building of the Yinxu Museum in Anyang County, central China's Henan Province, officially opens to the public today, showcasing nearly 4,000 sets of cultural relics such as bronze vessels, pottery, jade, oracle bones, and more.


The exhibition features an extensive and diverse collection, with over three-quarters of the precious relics making their first-ever appearance. About three-fourth of these relics are being exhibited for the first time to the public, along with multiple new achievements reached in relevant archaeological endeavors.


Yinxu (the Yin Ruins) is the first capital site of the late Shang Dynasty that has a documented history and has been verified through archaeological excavations and oracle bone inscriptions. It is also the ancient capital site in China that has undergone the most archaeological excavations and the longest duration of exploration.