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Mt. Huangshan's highest peak to reopen in March

Date: 2019.03.20 Author: Celia Tang

Mt. Huangshan’s highest peak - Lotus Peak reopens to the public since March 20th after closing for five years, according to the administration committee of Huangshan Scenic Area. Since April, 2014, Lotus Peak was closed to the public due to the winter maintenance project, which is intends to protect the natural ecology of Huangshan Mountain sites.


Lotus Peak locates at 1,864 meters above the sea level, which is the highest peak of Huangshan Mountain, in the east Anhui Province. The peak is protruding and the small peaks are clustered, resembling a lotus blossom, so that it is called Lotus Peak.


Mt. Huangshan, also known as the Yellow Mountain, is a UNESCO world heritage site covering an area of 1,200 square kilometers and famous for its peculiarly-shaped rocks, cloud-shrouded peaks, pines and hot springs. In recent years, Mt. Huangshan has received an average of nearly 3 million visitors per year. It has been acclaimed through art and literature during a good part of Chinese history. Today it still holds fascination for visitors, poets, painters and photographers the world over.