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Lotus Festival opens in Kunming Green Lake Park

Date: 2020.07.03 Author: Celia Tang

The 8th Lotus Festival of Green Lake Park officially opens on June 30. During the lotus festival this year, there are more than 20 varieties lotus of over 40 acres showing for people to appreciate for free.


This lotus festival exhibited more than 20 varieties such as Space Lotus No. 1, Changshun No. 1, Puzhehei Red Lotus, Puzhehei White Lotus, Shu Guangxiu, Starry Sky, Phoenix Dance, Zhenzhu Lianmi, Yiliang and etc. The lotus flowers are distributed in East Lake Pond, South Lake Pond and Neihu Pond in the park.


In order to provide a better appreciation environment for people, Green Lake Park has been actively preparing for the festival since March. After a series of background preparation works such as solarization, disinfection, pest control and foliar fertilization, the leaf blight disease of the lotus leaf was effectively prevented, which also help to promote the vigorous growth of the lotus flowers.