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Intangible cultural heritage exhibition on display in Shenyang

Date: 2018.05.08 Author: Ally Li

Recently, a wonderful intangible cultural heritage is on display in Shenyang. Traditional art performances and works like craftsmanship of Manchu embroidery, Liao Sancai, clay figurines, gourd engravings and sugar painting are open to the public.


As a national historical and cultural city, Shenyang has been endowed with a vast and intangible cultural heritage by its long history and distinctive ethnic and folk culture. At present, the city has announced a number of 196 projects of its intangible cultural heritages.


To promote intangible cultural heritage in multiple channels, Shenyang has carried out more than 1,000 events in the past five years in order to make intangible cultural heritage widely and effectively inherited. Since 2014, four sessions of the Shenyang Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo have also been held in succession, and a total of more than 600 participating projects have been established, providing a platform for the general public to experience the charm of intangible heritage.