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Hydropower-themed museum opens in Hubei

Date: 2022.08.05 Author: Xin Yan

The Three Gorges Project Museum, the largest hydropower-themed museum in the world, opened on Aug 5 2022 in Yichang city, Hubei province. It is one kilometre from the Three Gorges Dam.

The main building is shaped as a four-sided triangular body. The building is a spatial steel structure with two floors, with a dam observation deck on the 2nd floor and the roof.

Construction of the Three Gorges Project Museum began in 2015. The Three Gorges Hall, the Engineering Hall and the Hydropower Hall are the basic exhibition halls. The Three Gorges Hall takes time as its axis, showcasing the century-long journey of the Three Gorges Project and its huge comprehensive benefits. The Engineering Hall analyse the Three Gorges Project in social, cultural, technological and environmental dimensions. The Hydropower Hall presents the visitors with hydropower development in China.

It also has three thematic exhibition centres, including a Curious Hydropower Learning Centre, a Professional Communication Centre and a Cultural and Creative Centre, providing knowledge on hydropower science and technology to primary and secondary school students and undertaking academic activities on hydropower technology. The temporary exhibition hall is now for national photographic exhibition on the 140th anniversary of electricity in China.