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Hunan Museum opens Chinese Civilization Exhibition

Date: 2019.05.22 Author: Celia Tang

Recently Hunan Museum in Changsha opens the “Roots and Spirits: The Story of Chinese Civilization Exhibition”. On the exhibition, 30 cultural relics from over the ages are on display, which is a part of the International Museum Day. The exhibits appearing in Changsha have been loaned by 23 museums nationwide, and the show will run for nearly two months.


The artifacts on the exhibition help to present a network of knowledge, which can be used to retrace how China's early people formed and evolved over millennia. According to Li Jianmao, the deputy direct of the Hunan Museum, these 30 milestones carry a nation's history, and stand for our people's roots and spirit.


The exhibition will also help to explore the influence that the artifacts had on fine art and future society. The development of modern society requires us to seek the references from the past. The Hunan Museum was also the main venue for celebrating International Museum Day in China, which was launched by the International Council of Museums in 1977 and falls on May 18th every year.


The museums in China have the remarkable potential to realize their role in society. The museums will become a good platform to present a global image of the country and enhance mutual understanding and learning among different civilizations.