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Hong Kong Peak Tram reopened after renovation

Date: 2022.08.31 Author: Rosie Wu

Hong Kong's Peak Tram reopened with a fresh new design on August 27 following a year-plus-long closure. The Peak Tram, which runs between the Central District and Victoria Peak, is Asia’s oldest funicular railway and one of the most representative symbols of Hong Kong.


The tram has been ferrying locals and tourists since 1988 and just finished its sixth incarnation. The tramcars are now painted in a deep green colour as a nod to the previous generation.


This upgrading project mainly includes the replacement of power, control and signalling systems, cables, and tracks. The tramcar provides a 75% increase in capacity, carrying 210 passengers, and its larger windows offer an unobstructed, panoramic vista of the world-famous skyline of Hong Kong. Travelers who are interested in exploring further can opt to take the tram up, then walk or hike down one of the many trails to the bottom.