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Hong Kong Flower Show 2024 to open in March

Date: 2024.02.28 Author: Rosie Wu

The Hong Kong Flower Show is set to open on March 15, attracting more than 200 horticultural organisations from local and overseas this year. Participating organisations design floral displays and landscaped gardens meticulously so as to create a splendid floral world for the visitors.


This year, the show is held with the theme “Floral Joy Around Town”, featuring the colourful Angelonia as the theme flower. Angelonia, also known as the Angel Flower, has a small and unique flower shape, a refreshing fragrance and abundant quantities of flowers. Heavily covered with little flower buds, the stems produce lush and brushy flowers when in full bloom, leaving them swaying in the breeze, just like thousands of colourful birds jumping up and down. One will become full of liveliness and bliss on visit to the Show for Angelonia.


During the show period, a rich diversity of educational and recreational activities will be organised for the visitors, including student drawing competition, photo competition, plant exhibit competition, music and cultural performances, floral art demonstrations, workshops on greening activities, guided visits, recreational programmes, as well as parent-child fun games, etc.


Date & Time: 15 – 24, March  9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Venue: Victoria Park, Hong Kong