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Guo Moruo’s Former Residence opened on trial

Date: 2021.03.30 Author: Celia Tang

According to Chongqing’s Yuzhong District, after the restoration project, the national key cultural relic protection unit, the Third Office of Political Department of the Military Commission of the National Government and the Cultural Affairs Commission, also known as Guo Moruo’s Former Residence, will be opened on trial to the public.


Located in Fangniu Lane, Qixinggang, Yuzhong District, it was built in the 1930s and formerly known as “Tianlu”. It consists of two buildings of three-story Chinese and Western brick and wood structure. The two buildings have construction area of 600 square meters, and in “corridor type” Chinese and Western architectural decoration style.


It was the place where Guo Moruo worked and lived in Chongqing. It was also an important gathering place for many cultural celebrities in Chongqing during the Anti-Japanese War. Shen Yanbing, Lao She, Tao Xingzhi and so on were all regular visitors.