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Enjoy the free WiFi in the Forbidden City

Date: 2016.08.02 Editor: Ivy Yang

In order to provide a better digital service in the museum, the Forbidden City in Beijing started a trial of its free WiFi in open areas yesterday, August 1st.


On the occasion, visitors can use any mobile devices such as Smartphone, ipad, and laptop to connect with the hotspot signals of “PalaceMuseum-WiFi”. During the test run, visitors can email back opinions and suggestions to the museum to improve the service. The email address is WiFi@dpm.org.cn.


Since August 1st, there are 200 hotspots provide service to visitors, covering central axis and main open areas. When visitors first log in the free WiFi, they can choose either Wechat or text to verify. The museum spend one year investigating and testing this first phase of the project. The second phase is being planned to setup more hotspots and add more functions and products to the museum’s official Wechat account.