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Czech artist Alphonse Mucha opens art exhibition in Shanghai

Date: 2019.04.18 Author: Celia Tang

Celebrated Czech artist Alphonse Mucha opens his art exhibition at Shanghai Pearl Art Museum. Held through July 21st, this exhibition commemorates Alphonse Mucha's greatest creations and explores the motivations behind his pieces.


Over 230 original works of art are exhibited to the visitors. The exhibition is jointly curated by the Pearl Art Museum and the Mucha Foundation in Prague. Besides his famous Art Nouveau posters, decorations and jewelry, the exhibition also features Mucha's drawings, paintings, photographs, book designs and personal belongings. Some of the works are being displayed for the first time.


The exhibition is an important cultural exchange event for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and China. According to the curator of the Pearl Art Museum, Li Dandan, Mucha brings the beauty of art to life and makes it thought-provoking. The exhibition shows Alphonse Mucha's characteristics in six chapters, and these identities embrace him being Bohemian, a picture artist for people, an international artist, a mystic, a patriot and a philosopher.