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Coming to Daxing District for the sunflowers

Date: 2020.08.26 Author: Celia Tang

August is the time to view the golden sunflowers. Recently, Sanhuaitang in Yinghai Town, Beijing’s Daxing District has become a sea of sunflowers. Here, 400 acres of the sunflowers are blooming, and the flowering period is expected to last until September.


Sunflower symbols the silent love, loyalty, admiration, and shiny. They chase light, upright and positive. It is reported that the sunflowers at Sanhuaitang were planted in May this year. It is the first year of the town to plant sunflowers.


Sanhuaitang is an ancient village in Yinghai Town. There were three large locust trees in the courtyard, which were planted by Wang You of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is very fragrant when the locust flowers bloom in spring, and is very cool in summer. It is a good place for people to rest and view the natural scenery.