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Christmas to Meet Beijing WTown under the Great Wall

Date: 2017.12.01 Author: Jaqueline Li

Backs on the most precipitous period of Great Wall at Simatai and embraced by Yuangyanghu Lake Reservoir, Beijing WTown is famous for the rare combination of Great Wall + Ancient Town there. Now, it is decorating the buildings and bridges there to create a dreamland since Christmas enters its countdown.

Beijing WTown will host a series of Christmas activities during the festival, i.e. strolling on the Christmas market at Riyuedao Square, experiencing the grand carnival, enjoying the choir's hymn in a church on the top of a mountain, playing peek-a-boo with the gingerbread man and so on.

Tourists could also climb the best reserved Simatai Great Wall and explore local folk culture in Christmas atmosphere. Simatai Great Wall connects with JinshanLing Great Wall to the west. The main attractions include Wangjing Tower, Xiannv Tower, Heavenly Ladder and Sky Bridge.

Beijing WTown is an open town which offers both daily and tourist necessities and facilities. It is one of the best combinations of natural scenery and artificial landscape throughout travel destinations in Beijing.

If sightseer plans to spend his or her Christmas at this star town under the Great Wall, go http://www.wtown.com/ and one will find specific reservation information there.