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Chongqing Xu Beihong Art Museum opens

Date: 2020.06.30 Author: Celia Tang

On June 19, the “Xu Beihong and the Essence of National Aesthetic Education” Art Exhibition and Chongqing Xu Beihong Art Museum open in the Former Residence of Xu Beihong. Twenty-three precious works created by Xu Beihong during his stay in Chongqing brought an art feast for people.


In terms of exhibition design, the exhibition adopted multiple ways, such as the original painting exhibition, historical materials and documents, real scene restoration, technological interaction and virtual exhibition online. People can appreciate the wonderful and interesting art exhibition.


Shijia Garden is where Xu Beihong once lived, and it witnessed the peak of his artistic career. It restores the original scenes of Xu Beihong’s Studio, Meeting Room and Library of China Academy of Art.


The art exhibition fully shows the national spirit of artists in using painting art to fight for the country in a special period, as well as their native land emotion.This art exhibition is not only a show of the internal connection between Xu Beihong and Chongqing City, but also a display of the establishment of a modern Chinese art education system.