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Chongqing opens cultural exhibition of Marquis Yi of Zeng

Date: 2019.04.01 Author: Celia Tang

On March 28th, "Marquis Yi of Zeng and his Era" exhibition opens in the Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing. Co-worked by Chongqing Three Gorges Museum and Hubei Provincial Museum, the exhibition will open for free to public until June 2nd. Visitors can go to experience the era of Zeng through these exquisite cultural relics.


The exhibition shows 105 pieces of bronzes, including 68 pieces of first-class cultural relics. The main exhibits are bronze sacrificial vessels and musical instruments unearthed from tombs in the Zeng State. Zeng State was a minor state subordinate to its powerful neighbor, Chu State. As an emperor, Marquis Yi of Zeng’s tomb can be regarded as one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the 20th century.


Among which, the "Jianguzuo" attracts most people's attention. It weighs 192 kilograms and is lifted to the exhibition stand by five people. The unearthing of chimes has rewritten the history of music in China. It reflects the development of Zeng State's music history and people can feel the power of Chinese ritual and music culture through it. The exhibition will help illustrate the history background and the development of Zeng State, which last for about 700 years and help people have a renewed acknowledgement to Zeng State.