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Chongqing Jiangbeizui Riverside Park opens to the public

Date: 2020.06.24 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, Chongqing Jiangbeizui Riverside Park opened to the public. The park locates in the northern riverside area of Jiangbei District. The park covers an area of about 33,000 square meters, which is another good choice for people to relax.


Based on the theme of “bright colors with flowers in four seasons”, Jiangbeizui Riverside Park has set up a red plum blossom viewing area, a cherry blossom viewing area and a jungle walk. According to different functional requirements, several entertainment areas are constructed, including a children’s amusement area, a waterfront viewing area and a park leisure area.


Jiangbeizui Riverside Park has the beautiful scenery and environment. A waterfront-viewing platform for overlooking the river is provided. People can also wander in the park and enjoy the breeze from the river. Sitting on the bench, people can overlook the Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge and enjoy the beautiful river views. At the same time, the park also pays attention to the design of cultural and ecological landscapes, which shows humanistic connotations and old city elements in the new scenic area.