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Chongqing Industrial Museum opens to the public

Date: 2019.09.29 Author: Celia Tang

On September 28th, Chongqing Industrial Museum opens to the public. The museum locates at Lizilin Section of Chongqing Iron & Steel Plant, Dadukou District. It is built on the basis of some industrial remains of former Chongqing Iron & Steel Plant.


The museum consists of the main exhibition hall, the “Steel Spirit” Hall and the Industrial Sites Park, aiming to build a creative, interactive pan-museum. The most attractive exhibit is the treasure of the museum near the theme hall gate, the 8,000 HP Twin Cylinder Horizontal Steam Engine.


There are also many key cultural relics exhibited in the theme hall, like Japanese curved plain milling in 1930, the Taosheng, a self-produced periodical of Steel Plant Relocation Committee in 1945, the relieving lathe of Chongqing Iron & Steel Plant in 1958 and the four-axis milling machine of Chongqing Iron & Steel Plant in 1961.


In the future, Chongqing Industrial Museum will continuously seek more Chongqing industrial elements to enrich its collections and exhibits. The museum will also launch various exhibitions themed on industrial culture occasionally and various social education and research activities and cultural products development activities periodically. Cultural exchanges activities between museums, well-known enterprises, institutes and scholars will also be arranged then.