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China's first movie studio transformed into museum

Date: 2014.11.18 Editor: Evelyn Shi

Built on the old site of famous Changchun Film Studio, a film studio museum opened to the public after three years of refurbishment. The museum includes a number of documents to help visitors learn about the history of the film studio and industry in China.


The old Changchun Film Studio was the first film studio in New China and has long been known as the cradle of New China's film-making industry in Changchun City of Jilin Province.



Changying's predecessor was the Manchuria Film Company, which was founded in 1937 during the Japanese-supported puppet Manchurian regime. The company included one office building, six studios, one recording room, one film developing room and several prop rooms. The company moved to Hegang in Heilongjiang province after Japan's surrender in 1945, and moved back to Changchun in 1949. Its name was changed to Changchun Film Studio in 1955. Since then, the studio has produced more than 900 films.


Today, the studio has a new look as well as new functions and includes a local film gallery, gallery for translated films, studios and art cinemas. The old part of the factory was transformed into the first theme park for old films.