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Bronze statues of four zodiac heads on display in Hong Kong

Date: 2023.07.04 Author: Rosie Wu

Bronze statues of four zodiac heads the Yuanmingyuan in Beijing are on display at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). The exhibition at CityU’s Indra and Harry Banga Gallery features busts of the ox, tiger, monkey and pig. The zodiac heads were part of the features of the great fountain in Haiyantang, Yuanmingyuan, with each zodiac head spraying water in turn to tell the time.



The exhibition, – “The Grand Gathering of the Century: Zodiac Heads from the Yuanmingyuan and Important Treasures” –, has been staged by China Tourism Group, CityU, and Poly Art Museum.


The exhibition runs from July 4 to Aug 31. Admission is free provided visitors register in advance on CityU’s official website. Other exhibits include nearly 30 bronze relics, and several pieces of enameled porcelain.