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British artist Marc Quinn to open art show in Beijing in March

Date: 2019.02.25 Author: Celia Tang

British artist Marc Quinn is a British contemporary visual artist. His first exhibition, “Marc Quinn: Under the Skin” will be staged at the Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing from March 8th to April 24th.


The works of Marc Quinn on the exhibition are drawn from his career spanning three decades, and include We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars and Labyrinth. His art works mainly focus on themes like art and science, the human body and emotion, identity and the perception of beauty. Marc Quinn is recognized as the leading artist of his generation.


Marc Quinn explores 'what it is to be human in the world today' through subjects including the body, genetics, identity, environment and the media. His work has used materials that vary widely, from blood, bread and flowers, to marble and stainless steel. His works are included in the collection of world-renowned museums such as The Louvre in Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.