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Beijing Wenyu River Park to open in September

Date: 2020.06.28 Author: Celia Tang

According to the local government, Beijing Wenyu River Park, the largest "green lung", will officially open in September this year. The park locates in the northeast of Beijing, with the beautiful scenes emerged together, including the forests, flowers, lakes, terraces, natural and bright. There are large areas of cosmos flowers, dense forests, and lakes and waterfalls with shimmering waves.


The construction of the park now has entered the final stage. At that time, the park will become another good place for people to relax. Wenyu River Park spans the three districts, including Chaoyang, Shunyi and Changping, and will be built and opened in sequence.


Ecological, nature and water are the most important construction concepts of Wenyu River Park. Wenyu River Park is also a big "sponge", which can "absorb water" when it rains. The park can help to control the floods and store rainwater for the city. Now, the park has become a paradise for the wild animals, the egrets, mandarin ducks, hares and hedgehogs often settle here.