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Beijing Guzao Art Museum opens

Date: 2020.10.23 Author: Celia Tang

Beijing Guzao Art Museum, which focuses on the collection of palace art, has officially settled in Beijing on October 12. It will become a new landmark for the current palace art exchange in Beijing.


At the opening ceremony, experts from the Palace Museum, Beijing Cultural Heritage Bureau, and leaders of related industry associations visited the first special exhibition of court art at the Guzao Art Museum. Hundreds of the palace art works including porcelain, jade, enamel, lacquer, snuff bottles and other categories are on shown. The exquisite workmanship shows the extraordinary craftsmanship of the palace art.


At present, Beijing Guzao Art Museum consists of a main exhibition hall and three special halls. At the same time, Beijing Guzao Art Museum is also equipped with an academic seminar hall. Yang Yong, the perennial exhibition curator of Beijing Guzao Art Museum, has searched for various royal court artworks of various categories from home and abroad for decades. In the future, Beijing Guzao Art Museum will regularly invite authoritative experts from cultural institutions give lectures on public appreciation of various types of court artworks to promote the traditional cultures.