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Art works from Kashgar artist exhibit in Beijing

Date: 2019.04.17 Author: Celia Tang

The Kashgar artist Kurbanjan Gulam opens an art exhibition at Beijing 798 Art District. His ongoing exhibition is a celebration of the enduring charms of historic towns, desert poplars and people through a display of his 70 works.


Kurbanjan Gulam’s oil paintings transit the warmth, enthusiasm, happiness to the visitors, which leaves a deep impression to the visitors. Kurbanjan Gulam is not only an artist, but also a middle school art teacher in Kashgar. He uses his art works to re-create the breathtaking views of his hometown with a vibrant palette.


Kurbanjan Gulam often speaks about his works, he usually says, “People often ask me, 'Is Xinjiang really a beautiful place (like in your paintings)?'" And he says: "It is my hometown. The landscape is so arresting here. The colors and the food are enthralling, and people are happy to live in Kashgar."


Kashgar locates in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, and it is an important trading center along the ancient Silk Road. Kashgar is a place with strong tinge of ethnic custom, and is rich in historical and natural resources. It is well known as a good tourist destination in the west part of China.