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Art exhibition - "Sharing the Beauty" opens in Beijing

Date: 2019.06.20 Author: Celia Tang

Themed "Sharing the Beauty", the 2019 Latin America and Caribbean Art Exhibition opens at China Millennium Monument Art Museum in Beijing on June 14th. The exhibition is co-organized by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the embassies of LAC countries in China, including Cuba, Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Mexico.


As an annual event being held for six years already, this year’s event combines paintings, installations, videos, and photos, which represent the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). LAC has been mysterious and little known to people in China due to the vast Pacific Ocean lying between the two continents. The exhibition offers visitors a good platform to sample the LAC cultures. Also, it is a good chance to enhance the cultural exchanges between China and Latin American countries.


China Millennium Monument was built to welcome the 21st century. Century Altar is the main building of it, which is composed of the revolving gradient altar platform and the static cloisters. The World Art Museum is located in the Century Altar. Covering an area of about 2 hectares (5 acres), the museum is comprised of the Permanent Exhibition Hall, the Special Exhibition Hall and the Digital Art Gallery. Visitors can have a clear understanding to the history of world art by appreciating precious artworks from other countries.