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An artificial beach to be constructed soon along Huandao Road in Xiamen

Date: 2015.11.27 Editor: Evelyn Shi

A 2,394-meter-long artificial beach is going to be constructed recently on Guanyin Moutain-Wutong section of Huandao Road, Xiamen.

The project is an important step in Huandao Road beach restoration project. The project will turn existing mud and stones into artificial beach, which will connect Guanyin Mountain beach to five KM long in total.

The project is invested of 92.72 million Yuan. The beach will be well equipped with wooden trestle, stone walking path, three to four sightseeing locations, a local park of 4,570 square meters long, and 59,500 square meters of green landscape.

So far, Xiamen has been built over one million square meters of artificial beach, which has greatly improved the local environment and coastal landscape. So tourists can have a better experience in Xiamen.