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A Multilingual Online Photography Exhibition opens

Date: 2020.07.07 Author: Celia Tang

On June 29, the opening ceremony for the online photo exhibition about global efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic was held in Beijing. The exhibition is jointly host by the China International Publishing Group, with the theme of “Zooming in on COVID-19, A Multilingual Online Photography Exhibition”. People can visit the exhibition online in multiple languages, and it will last for six months.


The photography exhibition shows 205 pieces of photos from over 100 photographers of 27 countries in the world, including China, France, Italy and Russia. It is divided into five major sections: "Suddenly, Global Eruption", "Life is Supreme, Human Love", "Help Each Other", "Economic Depression", "Recovery and Forward".


They record how people's lives were affected by the pandemic and how they have fought against it. The photos also record people’s attitudes, choices and actions to the pandemic, and show people's mutual support and cooperation. Through these images, we can see the joys, sorrows and warmth of ordinary individuals in the world when facing the epidemic situation.