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2019 Chongqing Youyang Dieshi Flower Valley opens to the public

Date: 2019.10.30 Author: Celia Tang

On October 27th, Chongqing Youyang Dieshi Flower Valley Scenic Area opens to the public. This area is a cross-border integration of China and the west through time and space, and a combination of Dieshi Art Theme Park and Wunuo Culture Exhibition Park.


The Dieshi Flower Valley Scenic Area locates in the South Suburb of Youyang County, covering a total area of more than 2 square kilometers. The scenic area is divided into Dieshi Flower Valley and China Rural Art Park. The planting area of the flower sea inside the park is nearly 3000 square meters. Dozens of paths of nearly one-meter width are reserved in the flower sea.


Youyang Dieshi Flower Valley is also the exhibition area of the 2019 · China Youyang Rural Art Festival. During the art festival, 17 artworks created by artists, architects, designers, folk craftsmen and intangible cultural heritage inheritors from all over the country are placed in the area. The artworks are integrated with the artist's understanding and recreation of the characteristics of Youyang and each one is the unique original work full of vitality.