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19 Tourism Zones Upgraded to 5A-Level Scenic Areas in China

Date: 2011.02.16 Editor: Evelyn Shi

On the awarding ceremony for the newly upgraded AAAAA Scenic Areas held by the National Tourism Administration in January in Beijing, 19 tourist attractions were upgraded to the 5A-level Scenic Areas. They are (the order of the scenic area is based on administrative divisions):

Shaanxi: Xi’an Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise Scenic Area, Mount Huashan

Jilin: Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park

Liaoning: Dalian Jinshitan Scenic Area

Hebei: Baoding Yesanpo Scenic Area

Heilongjiang: Heihe Wudalianchi Lakes, Mudanjiang Jingbo Lake

Shanxi: Jincheng Cultural and Ecological Scenic Area of Royal Prime Minister's Palace

Inner Mongolia: Ordos Resonant Sand Gorge, Mausoleum of Genghis Khan

Gansu: Tianshui Maijishan Grottoes

Ningxia: Yinchuan Zhenbeibao Western Film City

Henan: Kaifeng Qingming River Park, Luoyang Baiyun Mountain Forest Park, Anyang Yin Dynasty Ruins

Shandong: Qingdao Mount Laoshan, Nanshan Mountain Tourist Area in Yantai Longkou, Weihai Liugong Island

Xinjiang: Ili Narat Pastureland

Besides, to meet the standards set up by the departments concerned, the newly authorized 5A-level spots need to further focus on the improvement of both the service and the facilities.

China’s tourism zones are classified by National Tourism Administration into 5 grades from A to 5A according to the quality. Tourism zones graded A to 3A have to be evaluated by the provincial or municipal tourist area quality grade evaluation commissions while 4A and 5A tourism zones need to pass the evaluation of the national tourist area quality grade evaluation commission. A 4A tourism zone can be upgraded to a 5A zone after one year of continuous 4A status by recommendation from the provincial tourist area quality grade evaluation commission.