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Taohua Island (Peach Blossom Island)

Taohua Island is known as the fairyland in the world and is located in the southeastern part of the Zhoushan Archipelago in Zhejiang Province. There is a Qiandao Lake scenic area in the north and a Tuerling scenic area in the south, forming a tourist route that is the seventh largest island in the Zhoushan Islands. Taohua Island is 7.8 nautical miles north of Shenjiamen, which is the government of Putuo District, Zhoushan City.

Taohua Island faces the Putuo Mountain and is separated from the sea by Ningbo City. The entire island has an area of 41.7 square kilometers and a total population of 11,500 people. The pharmacist “Dongxie” who is a character in Mr. Jin Yong’s masterpiece “The Eagle Shooting Heroes” and “The Legend of Condor Heroes” lived on this island.

The Taohua Island is full of mountains, reefs and strange rocks, quiet rivers and creeks, flowers, densely covered hills, and lush forests. The vegetation coverage rate is more than 75% and it is called "Botanical Garden of the Island". Its rich natural landscape, cultural landscape, myths and legends integrate into six scenic spots: Taohuayu Scenic Area, Tawan Jinsha Scenic Area, Anqi Peak Scenic Area, Dafo Rock Scenic Area, Xuanbogu Island Scenic Area and Taohua Harbor Scenic Area. There are 12 large landscapes such as Jinsha Sunrise, Anqi Clouds, Mountain Stone and Peach Blossoms, Big Buddha Sunset and other 30 major scenic spots such as Dafo Rock, Donghai Shenzhu, Xianren Bridge, and Dinghai Ancient City.

Opening Hours: All day
Type: Nature
Recommended Visiting Time: 1 - 2 days
Tickets: The Taohua Island is open for free, and the ticket package is 140 RMB for the scenic spots on the island.
Best Seasons: May - October
Address: Zhoushan Archipelago, Putuo District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, China

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