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Pingjiang Road

Why Pingjiang Road is special­


With a history of more than 800 years, Pingjiang Road is a perfect place that you could feel the charm of old Suzhou. This road was built during the Song Dynasty and still stands well-preserved.


The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs along Pingjiang Road. There, stone bridges, flowing waters and traditional buildings intertwine with each other to form a picture of idyllic atmosphere. For many centuries, much of Suzhou’s cultural life has been centered on this road. It has been the site of bookshops and local opera theatres.


Pingjiang Road Highlights


This 1606-meters road is not wide but very unique. You could take a walk along the canal and find some interesting vendors and specialty shops. Also, there are lots of restaurants hidden in the narrow lanes where you will find delicious foods there. There are also many teahouses, where people gather for performances of Pingtan, a kind of storytelling and ballad singing in the local dialect.


Kunqu Opera is a traditional opera of Suzhou, which originating from over 600 years ago. Taking a stroll through the stone road, some time you can hear operas singing by locals. Besides, the Kunqu Opera Museum is also located at Pingjiang Road.


Modernization does not simply mean destroying all that is old. In a sense, it means revitalizing the old for the benefit of modern people. These days, Pingjiang Road is attracting more and more young people, who come to sit and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the area, and get a sense of its great history.

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