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Joyous Garden

Why is Joyous Garden special?

First built during Guangxu Period of Qing Dynasty, Joyous Garden, also well known as Yiyuan in Chinese, was the latest among Suzhou's gardens, which enables it to combine the advantages of those in former dynasties and form a style of its own.

Located at Renmin Road No. 43, the Joyous Garden was acclaimed as one of Cultural Relics under the Protection of Suzhou City in 1963 and of Cultural Relics under the Protection of Jiangsu Province in 1982.

Joyous Garden Highlight

Though small in size, Yiyuan boasts the richness of scenic spots, all built exquisitely. For its latest construction time, Joyous Garden absorbs these outstanding characteristics of Suzhou Gardens and provides a unique landscape.

The corridor in this garden was built partly in reference to the partly lay out of the Canglang Pavilion (Great Wave Pavilion), rockeries to that of Huan Xiu Shan Zhuang (Beauty-surrounded Garden), lotus pond to that of Wang Shi Yuan (Garden of Master of Nets), and land boat to that of Zhuo Zheng Yuan (Humble Administrator's Garden).

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