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House of the Dancing Water

House of the Dancing Water is a water-based stage production, written and directed by Franco Dragone. The show was the second water show by Franco Dragone's company, which was premiered in September 2010 at The City of Dreams in Macau. The show was developed over 5 years and with 2 years of rehearsal. The total investment is more than 2 billion Hong Kong dollars, which is the world's largest water show.


Why the show is special

House of the Dancing Water is a breathtaking show staged at the Dancing Water Theater. This specially built theater features approximately 2,000 seats and is designed by world-renowned Sandi Pei of Pei Partnership. This 260-degree theater is designed with many breakthroughs, including a stage pool of 160 feet in diameter and 26 feet deep, which can hold 3.7 million gallons of water.


Performing in the tailor-made 2,000-seat Dancing Water Theater, House of the Dancing Water has a cast of nearly 100 international artists. It is a spectacular love story that transcends time and space. The show is set in an extraordinary magical kingdom that takes audiences on an awe-inspiring and emotional journey.


The show’s acrobats and dancers dance and dive through 280 independent fountains and beneath the glow of hundreds of flashing spotlights. During the 80 minutes of the truly spectacular action, people can also see the Kung Fu, motorcycle stunts and wire stunts, which owe much too Cantonese martial arts culture, and it’s incredible to see them in a theatrical setting.


Most of the dazzling costumes, video projections, special effects, acrobatics, artistic and aerial performances, have never been seen before in a theater. The show has received rave reviews by audiences and is regarded as one of the most imaginative theatrical extravaganzas ever produced. It is a real showcase through which to discover the gems emanating from the imagination and the creativity of the Dragone team.

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