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Nanping Village

Located in the southwest part of Yixian County in Anhui Province, Nanping is a large ancient village with a history of over a thousand years. It is called “Chin’s Film Village” since a lot of famous movies were shooting here, such as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Ju Dou.” Besides, it is also honored as the museum of Chinese Ancient Ancestral Halls since its well-preserved 8 old ancestral halls from Ming Dynasty.


Nanping Village was originally named Ye Village because most villagers resided here are from Ye's family. It was renamed as Nanping Village after Nanping Mountain. The village features in many historical and cultural sites, attracting several directors to frame there. Most scenes of Zhang Yimou's tragedy “Ju Dou” and parts of Ang Lee's “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” were filmed in the village.


The village is abundant with both cultural and natural resources. It is well-preserved with many architectures which were primitively built in Ming (1368~1644) and Qing Dynasty (1636~1912). Strolling in the antique buildings provides you a probe into the old times in hundreds of years ago. It also enjoys an impressive rural view made by green Nanping Mountain, big trees, flowing stream and farming fields grown with ripe flowers in March to April or golden paddy in September.


Honored the museum of Chinese Ancient Ancestral Halls, its Ancestral Halls are the highlight of Nanping Village. There are 8 old greatly-maintained ancestral halls including Clan Ye's Ancestral Hall and Clan Ye's Branch Ancestral Hall. By visiting them, you could get a better understanding on culture of the ancestral halls in feudal society.

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