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Dragon Palace Scenic Spot

Dragon Palace Scenic Spot (also called Longgong) is located in the western suburbs of Anshun City, Guizhou Province. If departing from Huangguoshu Waterfall, tourists could get there within only one-hour’s driving.


Why Dragon Palace is special


In 2007, Anshun was listed as a 5-A National Tourist Attraction. The magnificent underground cave system there is widely known by a lot of people, due to and magic scenery and an underground river flowing inside. A great number of karst caves stretching fifteen kilometers in length also contribute to Dragon Palace’s great popularity.


Dragon Palace highlights


Dragon Palace Cave


The scenic spot consists of three main areas, called the Tianchi Lake, Dragon Gate Waterfall, and the Dragon Palace respectively. Dragon Palace Cave is the most interesting one, its name “Dragon Palace” is derived from appearance of the main underground hall called Dragon Palace Hall, which looks like a crystal palace where a king of dragon lives. Inside the cave, visitors could take a boat on the underground stream to catch the best views in the cave. The stream goes through a deep labyrinth and leads to the spacious and bright-lit halls, around which are the stone pillars and a stone forest, in the shape of human beings and animals. The scene keeps changing when boat gets deeper into the cave. The stream way forms two chambers: the outer chamber and the inner chamber. In the inner chamber, there is a platform about 1000 square meters serving as a dock, there visitors could get ashore to go around and have a closer view of the stalactites. In the outer chamber, visitors could also get off the boat, go up some stone ladders and get to the Tiger's Den, from which some 5400-meter-long stone ladders will take visitors back to the gate again.


Dragon Gate Water Fall


Outside the cave, Dragon Gate Water Fall and Stone Forest Park are worth to visit if time is enough. There are many kinds of natural plants inside the stone forest park. Natural stone formations and green trees stand crowded side by side. Dragon Gate Waterfall is at the mouth of a cave, where waters from Tianchi, rushes down the cliff and forms a unique sight. As it looks like a white dragon coming out of its cave, people gave it the name Dragon Gate, meaning Dragon Gate.

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