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Tsetang Travel Season Tips

Best travel season


The town of Tsedang experiences moderate dry weather conditions throughout the year. The annual average temperature of the region ranges from a minimum of 7°C to a maximum of 9°C in December. Tsedang receives the largest amount of rainfall during the months of July and August, during which the temperature extends to the highest point of over 20°C. The best time to visit Tsedang is from the month of April to November when the weather is mild. The temperature between night and day varies considerably around 10°C, sometimes even more than 20°C.


Compared with other parts of China, spring arrives late in Tibet, usually ranging from late March to early May. The alpine meadows around Lhasa turn green until mid-June. Nyingchi features thriving vegetation and peach blossoms during springtime.


Most area of Tibet is suitable to visit during summertime. There, summer lasts from late May through August, with an average temperature ranging from 9℃ to 28℃.  During June and July, rape flowers bloom in Lhasa, Shigatse and Shannan, and the period is the best time to visit these areas.


Autumn is the best season to travel in Tibet, especially from August to October. The period features pleasant climate and sufficient oxygen.


Except for its southeast part, Tibet embraces a monsoon season from November to April next year. The wind is particularly strong in February and March. Many traditional Tibetan festivals take place in winter. During wintertime, the temperature drops drastically at night, and hotels usually have heating system. Thus, tourists are suggested to take enough clothes to keep warm.

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