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Shigatse Attractions

  • zhangmu town

    Zhangmu Town

    Zhangmu Town was built against a mountain. Its mild climate is conducive for the flourishing of flowers, trees and other green vegetations. Scenic views can be found almost all the year round. A very important landmark in Zhangmu Town is the busy and prosperous harbor. Read more>>
  • Dzong Fortress

    Dzong Fortress

    Dzong Fortress is also known for the name 'Hero Site'. It witnessed many cruel fighting that took place over 100 years ago and is a lasting symbol of the lofty bravery of those heroes. Read more>>
  • sakya monastery

    Sakya Monastery

    The Sakya Monastery is 130km from Shigatse and Sakya means "Grey Soil" in Tibetan as it is surrounded by grey soil. Sakya is the main monastery of the Sakyapa Buddhism sect and is deemed as the Second Dunhuang. The Drum River divides the monastery into two parts, north and south. Read more>>
  • shalu monastery

    Shalu Monastery

    Shalu Monastery, also Schalu Kloster, is situated 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of Shigatse. It was built in 1087 by Jigzun Xerab Qoinnyai.In 1320, it was administered by Master Purdain Renqen Zhuba, a renowned religious scholar who compiled the Tenjur sutra, one of the classic woks of Tibetan ... Read more>>
  • Palkhor Monastery

    Palkhor Monastery

    Lying about 230 kilometers south of Lhasa and 100 kilometers east of Shigatse, Pelkhor Choede (Palkhor Monastery or Palcho Monastery) is a monastery having the characteristics of Han, Tibetan and Nepali architecture. Pelkhor Choede enjoys a high status in Tibet Buddhism history. Read more>>
  • Tashilhunpo Monastery

    Tashilhunpo Monastery

    Tashilunpo Monastery was founded in 1447 and is the largest Yellow Hat sect monastery in Tibet. Shigaste is Tibet’s 2nd most important city and Tashilunpo was the seat of the Panchen Lamas. Tashilunpo contains chortens, temples and the Panchen Lama’s palace. Read more>>
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