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Inner Mongolia in Golden Fall Camper Tour - 14Days
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Inner Mongolia in Golden Fall Camper Tour

Inner Mongolia in Golden Fall Camper Tour - 14 Days

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Beijing - Yichuan - Jiayuguan - Zhangye - Beijing
It is a legacy that to appreciate the most beautiful populus euphratica forest in China, the most beautiful desert in the world and lakes in desert all at once. After the first autumn frost at the end of September, populus euphratica leaves will turn to yellow gradually from green. In October, under the blue sky, the populus euphratica leaves are shining in the sun. You can even see the golden leaves’ reflection swaying in the crystal-clear lake water.

Driving Route: Beijing - Baotou - Ejina - Alxa Right Banner - Badain Jaran Desert - Alxa Left Banner - Yinchuan

Best Season: Late September - October 20th



Day 1 Beijing Arrival

The Arrival at Beijing, meet your guide at the airport and take a visit to the Summer Palace. The Summer Palace (UNESCO) is the largest imperial garden in the world. Emperors of successive dynasties created a summer retreat of Chinese gardens and pavilions, around the tranquil waters of Kunming Lake. After lunch, have a good rest in the hotel. In the evening, you will enjoy a welcome dinner.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 2 Beijing - Yichuan (by flight)

Today, setting out to the China's most renowned monument - the Great Wall (UNESCO), which is the most spectacular structures ever built by human and as the only one visible from space.

After lunch, head for Yinchuan by plane and have dinner in the evening.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 3 Yinchuan - Bayannuorigong

After breakfast, pick up the campervan and get to know its functions. Then you will go shopping for food, lunch will on your own. After lunch, drive along Tengger Desert, drive across Helan Mountain and arrive at Bayannuorigong. Park at the edge of desert.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 4 Bayannuorigong - Ejina

After breakfast, you will drive to Ejina Poplar Forest. You are free to have a tour in the No. 1 best-protected populus euphratica forest in the world. Ejina Poplar Forest distributes in both sides of Ejina River. Every September and October, after the first autumn frost, a large area of poplar leaves turn to yellow from green. Under the azure sky, golden leaves are shinning in the sunshine and dancing in the wind. You can enjoy the striking contrast and bright colors.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 5 Ejina

Continue your Ejina Poplar Forest tour today. Have a good rest.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 6 Ejina

Today, enjoy a full day tour of Heicheng and the Guaishulin Wood.

Since 14 century, Heicheng as a site stood in the desert desolately. Because the northern line of Silk Road is near Heicheng, it still has extremely high archaeological value. Heicheng has been inscribed in national relic protection unit, June 25th 2001.

Guaishulin Wood is a wood of dead populus euphratica. Populus euphratica is called living fossil. The taproot can penetrate underground over 100 meters. So people say that populus euphratica can live for one thousand years, stand still for one thousand years after death, incorruptible for one thousand years after falling. Walking in the wood, you can see varied and interesting limbs.

In the evening, parking outside the Guaishulin Wood Scenic Area.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 7 Ejina - Jiayuguan (380km)

Today, head for Jiayuguan Pass and park at the foot of Jiayuguan Great Wall.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 8 Jiayuguan - Zhangye (280km)

After breakfast, you will go shopping for food. Then you will drive to Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park. This park is located at the northern foot of Qilian Mountain. It is one of the largest and most well-developed Danxia landform in China. It is a typical example and has high value for science and tourism. Park at the local parking lot.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 9 Zhangye - Badain Jaran Desert (280km)

After breakfast, pay a visit to Grand Buddha Temple in Zhangye. Then drive to the beautiful Badain Jaran Desert.

Zhangye Grand Buddha Temple was first built 900 years ago during the first year of the Yong'an Era of Emperor Chong of Western Hsia. China's largest indoor reclining Buddha, the Nirvan of Sakyamuni Buddha, lies peacefully in this temple on a 1.2-meter-high altar in the center of the hall.

Badain Jaran Desert is the third largest desert in China, with an area of 49,000 square kilometers. Badain Jaran is a Mongolian name for the desert, and it means “mysterious lakes”. There are more than 100 lakes in this part of desert – all spring-fed, some salt water, and some fresh water.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 10 Badain Jaran Desert

Today visit Badain Jaran Desert by shuttle bus inside the scenic area.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 11 Badain Jaran Desert - Alxa Left Banner

Today, you will drive along Tengger Desert and arrive at the Swan Lake.

Swan Lake is located in east edge of Tengger Desert. There are many desert dates, unknown flowers and many rare birds. You can see some swans if you’re lucky enough. Park at local parking lot.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 12 Alxa Left Banner - Yinchuan (150km) - Beijing (by flight)

After breakfast, you are going to drive back to Yinchuan. On the way, you will pay a visit to Guangzong Temple.

Established in 1756, the splendid green and gold temple enjoys a great reputation. The temple's scripture hall has a fine shape. Rare relics such as Gandan Chiba's cape, the pestle belonging to hierarch Xuanzang from the Tang Dynasty, the 6th Dalai Lama's crown inlaid with Five Buddha Statues, a silver kettle presented by the 8thPanchen, a Tibetan robe and long strings of beads bestowed by Emperor Guangxu and seals of different sizes are treasured at the temple.

After the arrival at Yinchuan, return the campers and back to Beijing by plane.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 13 Beijing

Today, enjoy a full-day tour in Beijing city. Tian’anmen Square is the world’s largest and renowned public square where many historical events once took place. Forbidden City (UNESCO) is the imperial place where the emperors of the Ming and the Qing Dynasties ruled for nearly 500 years (1420-1911). Experience the architectural splendor of the palaces, ceremonial courtyards, and private quarters. Temple of Heaven (UNESCO), where ancient Chinese emperors made sacrifices to Heaven and prayed for bountiful harvests, demonstrates the supreme achievement of traditional Chinese architecture. In the evening, you will enjoy a traditional farewell dinner - Peking Duck Dinner.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 14 Beijing Departure

Today, transfer to the airport for your departure.

Service ends.

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