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Sichuan & Yunnan Discovery Camper Tour - 23Days
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lugu lake

Sichuan & Yunnan Discovery Camper Tour - 23 Days

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Beijing - Xi’an - Chengdu - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Dali - Kunming
Start your Sichuan & Yunnan discovery camper tour to explore the Southwestern China, wander in the ancient Dali & Lijiang and experience the Tibetan ethnic culture in Shangri-La.

Driving Route: Chengdu - Guanghan - Xichang - Lugu Lake - Lijiang - Shangri-la - Dali - Pu'er - Yuanyang - Kunming

Driving Distance: 3500 kilometers

Best Season: all year round


Day 1 Beijing Arrival

Arrival at Beijing, meet your guide at the airport and transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 2 Beijing

Today, enjoy a full-day tour of the Tian’anmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and Hutong tour.

The Tian’anmen Square is the world’s largest and renowned public square where many historical events once took place. The Forbidden City (UNESCO) is the imperial place where the emperors of the Ming and the Qing Dynasties ruled for nearly 500 years (1420-1911). Experience the architectural splendor of the palaces, ceremonial courtyards, and private quarters. The Temple of Heaven (UNESCO), where ancient Chinese emperors made sacrifices to Heaven and prayed for bountiful harvests, demonstrates the supreme achievement of traditional Chinese architecture. Take a Hutong Tour by old–fashioned pedicab to explore the oldest part of the city for a real sight into the traditional Chinese life style.

In the evening, you will enjoy a traditional welcome dinner - Peking Duck Dinner.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 3 Beijing

Today setting out to the China's most renowned monument, Great Wall (UNESCO) which is the most spectacular structures ever built by human and as the only one visible from space.

Take a visit to the Summer Palace. The Summer Palace (UNESCO) is the largest imperial garden in the world. Emperors of successive dynasties created a summer retreat of Chinese gardens and pavilions, around the tranquil waters of Kunming Lake.

Enjoy stunning Kung Fu show or Acrobatic show tonight.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 4 Beijing - Xi’an (by air)

Take morning flight from Beijing to Xi’an. Upon arrival, meet the guide at the airport.

Then head to the Wild Goose Pagoda, a Tang Dynasty landmark. This seven-story pagoda was initially constructed in 652 AD, and a larger team of scholars was organized here for translation of the Buddhist sutras brought back from India and it became a holy place for pilgrimages.

In the evening, appreciate a tasteful dumpling feast.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 5 Xi’an

In the morning, stroll along the Muslim Snack Street, which is full of mouth-watering delicacies and snacks. Take a visit to the century-old Great Mosque, which blends Islamic mosque styles and traditional Chinese architectural elements. In the afternoon, visit the Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses (UNESCO), one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in the world.  More than 6000 life-sized terra cotta warriors, Archers, infantrymen, horses and bronze chariots silently guarded the tomb of China's First Emperor for over 2,200 years.

In the evening, enjoy a large scale real-scene historical dance drama - The Song of Everlasting Sorrow.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 6 Xi’an - Chengdu (by bullet train)

Transfer to the train station and take morning bullet train to Chengdu. Upon arrival, meet the guide at the train station and take a visit to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Center. This massive ecological and zoological park offers a wonderful chance to get face-to-face with China's "National Treasure". There is also a panda museum that has detailed exhibitions on panda evolution, habits, habitats and conservation efforts.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 7 Chengdu - Guanghan - Dujiangyan (50 km)

Pick up the campervan in the morning and get to know its functions. Then purchase ingredients from a local supermarket and lunch on your own. After lunch, marvel at the mysterious Sanxingdui Museum, a cultural relic of the ancient Shu Kingdom. The vast size and rich history make Sanxingdui a great archeological discovery and representative of Chinese civilization. Continue to drive to Dujiangyan and camp at Dujiangyan Camping Park.

Overnight in the campervan.


Day 8 Dujiangyan - Xichang (470 km)

After breakfast, drive to Xichang and park at Qionghai Camping Park.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 9 Xichang - Lugu Lake (250 km)

In the morning, head for the beautiful Lugu Lake, which remains an uncontaminated plateau lake. Take a scenic drive cross the Yi Minority region in Ta-liang Mountains. Have a day of sightseeing and enjoy the unparalleled scenery and ethnic customs. Then, park by the Lugu Lake.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 10 Lugu Lake - Lijiang (260 km)

Continue to drive to Lijiang. Driving around the lake and there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy snowy mountains, lakes and ethnic villages. You will arrive at the Old Town of Lijiang (UNESCO) in the evening. In the ancient time, Lijiang flourished as a trading post of the Silk Road of tea, known as the "Tea-Horse Ancient Road". In 1997, the UNESCO put Lijiang on a list of the world cultural heritage. The Old Town of Lijiang (UNESCO) is the best-preserved ancient town in China and well-known for its distinctive Naxi culture and ancient buildings. Then, you are free to explore this town under the moonlight. You will park at the local parking lot.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 11 Lijiang - Baishuitai (160 km)

In the morning, all people have a visit to Mu Fu Mansion and the Old Town of Lijiang (UNESCO). Mu Fu Mansion is located at the foot of the Lion Rock, which is a collection of the culture of the Old Town of Lijiang. Mu Fu Mansion is a splendid building, which remains the elegant appearance in Ming Dynasty and bold stroke of the style in Tang and Song Dynasty. People say “China has The Forbidden City in the north and Mu Fu Mansion in the south.” After lunch, continue your tour and arrive at Baishuitai via the Tiger Leaping Gorge. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is located 60 kilometers north of Lijiang City. Also it is one of the deepest and most spectacular river canyons in the world. Following an ancient trek, you will enjoy a magnificent close-up view of sharp cliffs and roaring water. Tonight park at Baishuitai Village.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 12 Baishuitai - Shangri-la (100 km)

You are free to go sightseeing around Baishuitai. Then drive to Shangri-la - “sun and moon in heart” in Tibetan. It has been known from the novel Lost Horizen written by James Hilton. You will traverse Shangri-la enjoying the beauty of the landscape. You will see Tibetan villages everywhere, cattle and sheep wondering around on the grassy hillside. At the end of the day, you will park at the Ganden Songzanlin Monastery parking lot.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 13 Shangri-la - Dali (290 km)

In the morning, pay a visit to Ganden Songzanlin Monastery, the largest Tibetan Buddhism monastery in Yunnan province. Built in the 17th century, during the reign of the Fifth Dalai Lama, it is often referred to as the Little Potala Palace. After lunch, you will drive to Dali.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 14 Dali

Dali City is located on a fertile plateau nestled between the Cangshan Mountains to the west, and Erhai Lake to the east, which was traditionally settled by the Bai ethnic group. In the morning, enjoy a boat cruise on the Erhai Lake, which is reputed as the pearl on plateau for its charming scenery. In the afternoon, you are free to take on a walking tour of the Dali Old Town to capture its charm with narrow cobbled streets and traditional stone architecture. Besides, you can explore in pedlars’ market in the Dali Old Town.

Overnight in the campervan.


Day 15 Dali - Weishan - Xiyi (200 km)

After breakfast, you will leave for the ancient city of Weishan. You can visit and explore it by your own. The ancient city of Weishan is located at the foot of the Ailao Mountain. It is a noted historical and cultural city, as well as the birthplace of Nanzhao Kingdom. Then drive to Xiyi - a small fishing village sitting by the Jinsha River and arrive in the evening. Park by the riverside.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 16 Xiyi - Wengding (290 km)

After breakfast, driving in the Mountain Awa to explore Wengding Village - a Wa ethinic group primitive tribe in China. “Wengding” means mist-shrouded, which shows the mystery of the villages. Trees around the villages are not allowed to cut down, because trees are deities of the villages. Upon arrival, enjoy yourself with the picturesque and mysterious landscapes at sunset. Park at the local parking lot outside the village.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 17 Wengding - Ximeng (280 km)

After breakfast, drive to Ximeng – one of the most beautiful and well preserved counties in Yunnan. The famous Mengsuo Longtan Park in Ximeng is regarded as the holy land of local Wa people. Tonight, park at the Mengsuo Longtan Park parking lot.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 18 Ximeng - Pu’er (240 km)

Enjoy a full morning to appreciate the stunning scenery of Mengsuo Longtan Park - the holy land of Wa people. Its original environment is well preserved which includes rolling hills, perennial waterfalls and crystal lakes. You will drive to Pu’er after lunch. Pu’er is the birthplace of the world-famous tea - Pu’er Tea. During the East Han Dynasty(25-220AD), the cultivation, processing and selling have already took shape. Park at the Meizihu Park parking lot.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 19 Pu’er - Honghe - Yuanyang (350 km)

Today, drive from Pu’er to Yuanyang passing by Honghe. Yuanyang is famous for its amazing terraced rice paddies. The landscape of rice terraces is listed as one of the UNESCO Heritage sites. The road is zig-zag and hilly. If weather permits, you will get a beautiful picture of the sunset. Park at the local parking lot.

Overnight in the campervan.

Day 20 Yuanyang

Enjoy a full day to explore the terraced rice paddies in Yuanyang. In Hani ethnic villages, you'll appreciate the best-preserved folk culture.

Overnight in the campervan.


Day 21 Yuanyang - Chengzi Ancient Village (280 km)

Today, drive to Chengzi Ancient Village which has the most unique ancient village scenery with features of both Yi and Han ethnic groups. In the evening, you can enjoy a visual feast of a small village decorated by curling smoke and soft lights. In the morning, you will see another magnificent view of a small village surrounded by paddy fields and morning glow. Park at local parking lot outside the village.

Overnight in the campervan.


Day 22 Chengzi Ancient Village - Stone Forest - Kunming (200 km)

After breakfast, enjoy a day excursion to the Stone Forest (UNESCO), a typical Karst landscape formed some 270 million years ago. This geological wonder consists of limestone cliffs and peaks that have weathered into various shapes since their formation beneath the sea. Then, arrive at Kunming in the evening. Return the campervan and relax yourselves in hotel. Enjoy a farewell dinner tonight.

Overnight in the local hotel.

Day 23 Kunming Departure

Today, transfer to the airport for your departure.

Service ends.

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